Missing Pets

Help them find their way home.

Have you seen any of these animals?

  1. Look for the contact link on the pet's card (below)
  2. If it says "Contact Owner" you can email the pet's owner directly and let them know.
  3. If it says "Contact MHS" you can send information about the pet directly to them and they will handle it.
  4. Alternately, you can call Monadnock Humane Society, (603) 352-9011 ext. 101, and they will take it from there.

Update the status of your Missing pet.

If you posted your pet as Missing and have since found it or know it to be deceased, please update your pet's status by clicking the on your pet's card below. If your post is older than 90 days, you can find it listed on the Missing Pets Archive.

Total Missing + Recently Reunited Dogs (3)

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Posted: 2019-08-12

  • Name: Bailey
    Missing: 2019-08-11
    From: Alstead
    Reunited: 2019-08-13
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  • Last Seen: Corbin rd
  • Breed: Pit boxer mix
  • Color: White and tan
  • Markings: Uneven eye markings
  • Sex: female
  • Comment: Only 7 months old

  • Missing Pet ID 746
    Posted: 2019-06-27
    • Name: Hortense called Tent
      Missing: 2019-06-26
      From: Chesterfield
      Contact: Owner or MHS
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  • Last Seen: Poocham Rd. east side and 1/2 mile or so from Westmoreland
  • Breed: Cairn
  • Color: grey some dark some lighter
  • Markings: very distinct toothy smile sometimes.
  • Sex: female
  • Comment: very friendly. loves treats, but watch your fingers! Loves kids. Her 4 yr old misses her already.

  • Missing Pet ID 729
    Posted: 2019-05-31
    • Name: Zoey
      Missing: 2019-05-24
      From: Winchester
      Contact: Owner or MHS
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  • Last Seen: Woodard Ave
  • Breed: Chihuahua
  • Color: Black
  • Markings: White on chest
  • Sex: female
  • Comment:

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