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Current Champion Returner

Don't give up. Harry, posted as missing from Fitzwilliam on 2018-08-13, was reunited with owner Lisa on 2018-12-13 after 122 days on the road.

What you see on this page. How it works.

Missing Pets Archive (MPA) shows posts that are no longer visible on the Missing Pets page. Posts are moved from Missing Pets to MPA after 90 days.

If a pet's status is changed from 'Missing' to 'Reunited' before 90 days, the post remains visible for 7 more days on Missing Pets —though labled as Reunited— before it is moved to the MPA.

Why MPA might be useful.

Because no information is ever actually erased from any of the TTE Pet databases, if the need arises to identify a pet from a post, no matter how old, MPA can be searched.

What if I have one of these animals (found as a stray) and want to return it to its original owner?

The MPA does not provide the means for you to contact pet owners directly as does the Missing Pets listing. However, Monadnock Humane Society can find the original owner for any listed pet. Just give them the MPA pet id number.

MHS Telephone: (603) 352-9011 ext. 101

Which do you want to do?

1. Select a group you want to see. Default is "All Pets"

2. Search for a particular pet by pet name.

3. Update the status of your pet.

Change the status of your posted pet below (to missing, reunited or deceased) by clicking on the link in the 'status' column.

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row image id status date
species pet
color breed sex markings lost
1 697missing2019-04-11 Dog Lola White Pitbull female Black polkadotson her ears and black for round her eyes Ashuelot
2 694missing2019-04-11 Dog Luna Tricolored Border Collie female Luna as brown on the sides of her mouth and above her eyes Swanzey
3 693missing2019-04-09 Dog Jolee White Unknown female Keene
4 675missing2019-03-14 Dog Sprocket Brown and white English springer Spaniel male White patch inbetween shoulders Walpole
5 673missing2019-03-10 Dog Liza white w/ brown Fox terrier female 15 pounds, 16 years old Keene
6 636missing2019-01-09 Dog Brutus Gray Neopolitan mastiff male Docked tail Swanzey
7 635missing2019-01-08 Dog Missy Black Shepard mix female Swanzey
8 603missing2018-11-24 Dog Hershey cocoa-brown chocolate lab male short hair Richmond
9 593missing2018-11-09 Dog Oscar Blue and White - he has skin problems on his neck. Italian Greyhound male Keene
10 574missing2018-10-22 Dog Ash Black and white Papillon male Marlborough
11 495missing2018-08-19 Dog Dozer Dark brown Pitbull male White chest,white paws and small bit of white on nose Lempster
12 493missing2018-08-17 Dog Little ma Tan and white Chihuahua male Keene
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