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Don't give up. Harry, posted as missing from Fitzwilliam on 2018-08-13, was reunited with owner Lisa on 2018-12-13 after 122 days on the road.

What you see on this page. How it works.

Missing Pets Archive (MPA) shows posts that are no longer visible on the Missing Pets page. Posts are moved from Missing Pets to MPA after 90 days.

If a pet's status is changed from 'Missing' to 'Reunited' before 90 days, the post remains visible for 7 more days on Missing Pets —though labled as Reunited— before it is moved to the MPA.

Why MPA might be useful.

Because no information is ever actually erased from any of the TTE Pet databases, if the need arises to identify a pet from a post, no matter how old, MPA can be searched.

What if I see my own missing pet listed here?

If you are the person who posted it and have since gotten it back, you should make sure its status is changed (from missing to reunited or deceased). You can change its status here. To do this, you will need the id# (listed here next to the photo) and the email address you used to make the original post.

What if I have one of these animals (found as a stray) and want to return it to its original owner?

The MPA does not provide the means for you to contact pet owners directly as does the Missing Pets listing. However, Monadnock Humane Society can find the original owner for any listed pet. Just give them the MPA pet id number.

MHS Telephone: (603) 352-9011 ext. 101

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row image id date
species pet
color breed sex markings status lost
277 230 2017-10-18 Cat Calloway "Callie" Black/White/Orange DSH Calico female Double PawedmissingWinchester
278 229 2017-10-20 Cat Willow Gray Russian Blue female missingKeene
279 227 2017-10-20 Cat Jinx Black and White Large Breed, Medium to Long hair male Has a slit on one of his earsmissingGreenfield
280 226 2017-10-17 Cat Sterling Mix of White, Tan Grey and Brown with spots Bengal male bark brown or black spots all over bodymissingAlstead
281 224 2018-02-09 Cat Mimi Black and white, tuxedo Domestic shorthair female Tiny white mustachemissingAlstead
282 222 2017-10-14 Cat Lacy calico short hair female missingSwanzey
283 221 2017-10-14 Cat Khloe Orange Tabby female Little black spots on her nosemissingFrancestown
284 220 2017-10-14 Cat Jake Large White/Grey fluffy Ragdoll Himalayan male Blue point (grey) markings reunited
285 219 2017-10-13 Cat Eva Multi Calico? female !/2 of a balck mustache on facemissingAlstead
286 218 2017-10-10 Cat Finnigan light gray with dark gray strips, white paws and belly grey tiger cat male missingKeene
287 217 2017-10-07 Cat Oliver black and white Longhair Black and White Tuxedo male large green eyes, white nose, fluffy tail, white pantaloonsmissingChesterfield
288 216 2017-10-06 Cat Mr Pickles Black with white paws and patch on face Unknown male Bald belly- licks hair offmissingSwanzey
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