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Current Champion Returner

Don't give up. Harry, posted as missing from Fitzwilliam on 2018-08-13, was reunited with owner Lisa on 2018-12-13 after 122 days on the road.

What you see on this page. How it works.

Missing Pets Archive (MPA) shows posts that are no longer visible on the Missing Pets page. Posts are moved from Missing Pets to MPA after 90 days.

If a pet's status is changed from 'Missing' to 'Reunited' before 90 days, the post remains visible for 7 more days on Missing Pets —though labled as Reunited— before it is moved to the MPA.

Why MPA might be useful.

Because no information is ever actually erased from any of the TTE Pet databases, if the need arises to identify a pet from a post, no matter how old, MPA can be searched.

What if I have one of these animals (found as a stray) and want to return it to its original owner?

The MPA does not provide the means for you to contact pet owners directly as does the Missing Pets listing. However, Monadnock Humane Society can find the original owner for any listed pet. Just give them the MPA pet id number.

What if I see my own missing pet listed here?

If you are the person who posted it and have since gotten it back, you should make sure its status is changed (from missing to reunited or deceased). You can change its status here. To do this, you will need the id# (listed here next to the photo) and the email address you used to make the original post.

MHS Telephone: (603) 352-9011 ext. 101

Select which group you want to see. Default is "All Pets"

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row image id date
species pet
color breed sex markings status lost
157 420 2018-06-22 Dog Annie Reddish brown long hair Golden mix male reunited
158 419 2018-06-22 Cat Ellie Black with white back legs unknown female reunited
159 418 2018-06-21 Cat Izzy Grey and white Mixed female Flabby bellymissingRindge
160 417 2018-06-21 Cat Princess Mixed of orange, light brown and black with stripes Shorthair mixed grey tiger female missingKeene
161 416 2018-06-21 Dog Joe Joe Tan with black markings Beagle/shepard male reunited
162 414 2018-06-19 Dog Bailey Gold Golden Retriever female reunited
163 412 2018-06-18 Dog Parker Black Lab male White ring around neck reunited
New Ipswich
164 411 2018-06-17 Cat Smokey Gray and white Tom cat male White tipped paws big white circle on bellymissingKeene
165 410 2018-06-17 Cat Perpugilliam (Peri) black/orange tortoiseshell, white stomach and paws unknown, passes for American Shorthair male a lopsided black moustache mark under her nosemissingWilton
166 406 2018-06-10 Dog Buddy Black with white blaze on chest Labrador/terrier mix male reunited
167 404 2018-06-09 Dog Loki Black Newfoundland male reunited
168 403 2018-06-08 Dog Somer Choc brown Lab mix female reunited
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