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Ten Thousand Eyes

is an online public database developed specifically for reuniting wayfaring pets with their owners. It is highly focused on a small geographic area where people who lose pets are not far from those who will find them.

Use a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to report your lost pet (or another's stray), and get the word out to the entire MHS service area in 3-4 minutes, 24/7 (including photo). The more public awareness, the more eyes on the lookout, the more pets reunited!

Missing Pet or Stray Pet?

Understand the terminology.

It can be confusing, so here is what we mean: If you want to post a pet (that you own) as missing, then you should go to Post a missing pet. If you want to post a cat or dog that has been hanging around your house, then go to Post a stray pet.

When to Post a Missing Pet

Your cat, dog, parrot, aardvark (whatever) goes missing:

There is no specific time period that you need wait, when you first think that your pet might be missing, before you make a post on POST a Missing Pet. But a good rule of thumb is: Your pet has been away for a time that is longer than usual, you're getting worried. After you have searched the area around your property and checked with your neighbors, relax for a couple of hours then make another complete check around your property. If you are then feeling uneasy about the situation, make a post.

When You Recover Your Pet

Help us keep our online records up to date.

If you find your pet after posting it as "Missing", please go here so we can keep our records up to date. You will need your Missing Pet ID number (from your post) to do this.

When to Post a Stray Pet

A cat or dog has been around your property for a couple of days.

Sometimes it is hard to say if the unfamiliar cat or dog in your back yard is a stray pet or one that a neighbor recently aquired. Before posting it to Stray Pets, ask your neighbors about it.

If you begin to suspect it is a stray, check the VIEW Missing Pets to see if it has been posted. If not, wait a day then check again. If it seems hungry, uncared for or injured, you should POST a Stray Pet right away. Keep checking View Missing Pets every so often to see if the owner has posted. If you feel the animal needs immediate attention or has been around for too long, call the MHS (603) 352-9011 ext. 101.

Working Together

TTE and MHS are not alone in this initiative. They are working with police and animal officials in the towns MHS serves in a unified effort to help lost pets find their way home.

Who will see my posts on TTE?

  • The Monadnock Humane Society
  • Animal control officials and police from the the towns and cities (below)
  • TTE "micro-volunteers" (people who check the listing regularly)
  • Any of tens of thousands of residents in the service area who have a smart phone or computer

*TTE was developed by a community member of the Monadnock, NH area for use by Monadnock Humane Society in a one year pilot program.

Distribution of the 230 TTE Micro Volunteers across the MHS service area.

You can post a missing or stray pet, or be a TTE Micro Volunteer if you live in any of these towns:

1 Acworth
6 Alstead
1 Antrim
1 Ashuelot
1 Bennington
0 Charlestown
2 Chesterfield
0 Claremont
0 Drewsville
3 Dublin
3 Fitzwilliam
0 Francestown
3 Gilsum
1 Greenfield
0 Greenville
1 Hancock
1 Harrisville
8 Hinsdale
6 Jaffrey
72 Keene
0 Langdon
0 Lempster
11 Marlborough
2 Marlow
0 Munsonville
1 Nelson
0 New Ipswich
16 Peterborough
5 Richmond
10 Rindge
1 Roxbury
1 Sharon
4 Spofford
4 Stoddard
5 Sullivan
5 Surry
25 Swanzey
0 Temple
5 Troy
4 Walpole
0 Washington
7 Westmoreland
2 Wilton
11 Winchester